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Cleaning Tips- Floor Stripping & Waxing

Pity your poor floors. They’re trod upon, stomped on and usually neglected. A clean, glossy floor can improve the appearance of an entire office space. Fortunately, maintaining and revitalizing

“Germs & Viruses Are in The Workplace”

“Germs & Viruses Are in The Workplace” For most employees, keeping their workspace clean isn’t something they really have time to make a priority. Can you imagine telling your

Howto High Dust A Room Video

List of some areas that require regular high dusting: Air vents Light fixtures Ceiling tiles HVAC ducts Exhaust fans Recessed ceiling lights and pendant lighting Water pipes Walls and
High Dusting

Cleaning Tips Blog – High Dusting

Incorporating dusting into your regular cleaning routine can reduce the amount of dust and improve overall indoor air quality in your home. When dusting, most cleaning companies neglect high

Cleaning Tips-How to Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes

I used to absolutely loath cleaning my bathrooms. It was so much work (or so I thought) that I would procrastinate until my husband would threaten to call the

Cleaning Tips-Clean Home, Easy Sale

One of the biggest problems people run into when selling their home is the process of preparing it for sale. Many homes are simply places where we keep the

Cleaning Tips-Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning concrete is tough and there is an easy way and a hard way. There is one thing you need to understand when you are pressure washer cleaning concrete;

Diamond-Jan’s Cleaning Tips-Urinal Block Information

Urinal blocks are a great way to keep urinals in restrooms smelling fresh and clean. Urinal blocks are made from many different chemicals but the most popular urinal blocks

Diamond-Jan’s Cleaning Tips-Best Way To Tackle Cleaning

Do you have one of those really big, filthy, completely disorganized cleaning jobs to get after? It it that one client you really dislike? Worse yet, is it your

Cleaning Tips-How Toilet Seat Covers Protect You.

On average a well run company will clean its restrooms 3 days a week. Of those 3 cleaning days the toilet seats will be cleaned maybe once. If you