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Urinal blocks are a great way to keep urinals in restrooms smelling fresh and clean. Urinal blocks are made from many different chemicals but the most popular urinal blocks are made from Para dichlorobenzene which is basically the same as Paraffin. These types of urinal blocks are not water soluble, so as the urinal flushes the urinal blocks don’t dissolve away. Instead, the Paraffin urinal block will evaporate over a set period of time.

Most urinal blocks are round and look like hockey pucks which is why urinal blocks are sometimes referred to as urinal pucks or bathroom hockey pucks. Urinal blocks come in many different sizes ranging from 3 oz to 20 pound blocks. Smaller urinal blocks are used in restroom urinals lasting anywhere from 30 to 60 days. Large urinal blocks are called Para blocks and are used in grease traps and dumpsters to mask odors.

Urinal blocks also come in other forms, some can be clipped to the side of toilet rims, and others come in rectangular blocks and are used as odor counteract ants and general-use air fresheners. Urinal blocks can also be incorporated into urinal screens and urinal mats that help filter out debris and help keep drains running clog free. Urinal blocks are also used as an animal and rodent repellent.

Most animals do not like the smell of paraffin and will leave the area. Urinal blocks can repel animals such as raccoons, mice, rats, possums and bats. The two most popular scents in urinal blocks are cherry and lemon but other fragrances are available. When purchasing urinal blocks be sure to buy the blocks that are individually wrapped in cellophane. Urinal blocks that are wrapped can be stored for longer periods by preventing the air from dissolving them.

Water soluble urinal blocks are made from citrus products and tend to dissolve away very quickly depending on how often they come in contact to water. Wall block urinal blocks are used as general-use air fresheners and can be mounted in dispensers on walls. Over time these urinal blocks will dissolve with out leaving any residue or discoloration.

If you wish to avoid staining surfaces with urinal blocks make sure that they do not come in contact with water and the surface. In the case of using urinal blocks in urinals, a urinal screen or mat is recommended as a barrier between the block and the surface.

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