Restaurant Cleaning

 We have over 20 years experience in commercial kitchen cleaning, HAACP and Food Safety.

Front of the House

  • Clean and sanitize tables and chairs
  • Floors(Sweep, mop, vacuum)
  • Clean Baseboards
  • Trash Removal
  • Clean interior and exterior of trash cans
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms
  • Dust and clean pictures, decorations and artwork
  • Entrance doors glass and handles
  • Ceiling Fans/ Vents
  • Windows inside, outside and ledges
  • Clean and refill napkin holders
  • Clean and replace condiment bottles
  • Clean walls, shelves and counters

Back OF The House

  • Floors (sweep, deep scrub and mop)
  • Clean and sanitize all cooking and prep areas
  • Grills/flattops cleaning
  • Fryers (strain,clean and refill)
  • Ovens cleaned( inside, outside and racks)
  • Other Equipment(coffee makers, beverage dispensers, microwaves, toasters, meat slicers, etc.)
  • Walk-in refrigerators/freezers
  • Sinks
  • Trash Removal
  • Walls
  • Utensils/dishware


  • Empty trash and replace liners
  • Clean interior and exterior of trash cans
  • Empty ashtrays
  • Clean outside removing trash and debris
  • Clean and wash windows
  • Pressure wash ( building,parking lot, sidewalk, trash cans , etc.)  

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