Restaurant Cleaning

 Front of The House, Back of The House,Deep Cleaning, After Hours Service

 We have over 20 years experience in commercial kitchen cleaning, HAACP and Food Safety.

Front of the House

  • Clean and sanitize tables and chairs
  • Floors(Sweep, mop, vacuum)
  • Clean Baseboards
  • Trash Removal
  • Clean interior and exterior of trash cans
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms
  • Dust and clean pictures, decorations and artwork
  • Entrance doors glass and handles
  • Ceiling Fans/ Vents
  • Windows inside, outside and ledges
  • Clean and refill napkin holders
  • Clean and replace condiment bottles
  • Clean walls, shelves and counters

Back OF The House

  • Floors (sweep, deep scrub and mop)
  • Clean and sanitize all cooking and prep areas
  • Grills/flattops cleaning
  • Fryers (strain,clean and refill)
  • Ovens cleaned( inside, outside and racks)
  • Other Equipment(coffee makers, beverage dispensers, microwaves, toasters, meat slicers, etc.)
  • Walk-in refrigerators/freezers
  • Sinks
  • Trash Removal
  • Walls
  • Utensils/dishware


  • Empty trash and replace liners
  • Clean interior and exterior of trash cans
  • Empty ashtrays
  • Clean outside removing trash and debris
  • Clean and wash windows
  • Pressure wash ( building,parking lot, sidewalk, trash cans , etc.)